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EK Cabin Crew: A day in the life

EK Cabin Crew: A day in the life


Written by Rachel


4:50am: My alarm goes off relatively early this morning, and it takes a couple of snoozes before I manage to drag myself out of bed.
I do my hair and make-up and put on my uniform, and make sure to have some breakfast before I leave. I’ve made sure to pack my cabin bag (which has my waistcoat, oven gloves, crew pyjamas and cabin shoes as well as a few other bits and bobs) the night before so that’s completely ready to go,and my big suitcase just needs a few things thrown in at the last minute like my make-up and glasses.

5:55am: I’m already downstairs in the lobby of my apartment building when the crew bus pulls up. It takes about 15 minutes to get to work and I usually listen to some music and go over our “safe talk” questions on my iPad.

6:25am: The e-Gate (like passport control) for my flight to Amsterdam opens 2 hours before departure time, so I go through, check in and drop my bag off.
I’m flying on the A380 today, and as there’s so many of us the purser sends us a pre-flight email with our positions. I’ve been assigned door MR1, which is also the duty free operator. I go and collect the duty free pouch and make my way to the briefing room.
In the briefing room we have our documents checked (passport, flying license, vaccination booklet, etc) as well as grooming checks to make sure our uniform is up to standard. We then get asked a safe talk question, which could be anything to do with safety and emergency procedures, medical, aircraft specific, etc. The seniors introduce themselves and talk about their expectations for the flight, and the pilots also come in to say hello and give us some flight details.
Todays flight: Dubai to Amsterdam, 6 hours 30 minutes, flying at 40000 feet.

7:15am: We make our way onto the bus which takes us to the aircraft. Once we are all onboard we start preparing, so putting blankets and headphones on the seats and making sure everything is clean and ready. We also do our security search, and each person has their own area.

7:50am: Boarding clearance is given and the passengers start coming onboard. Luckily the flight is only half full so everyone is on pretty quickly and we have plenty of space in the hatracks for bags.
We then start our pre-departure duties, which include handing out hot towels, menus, and toys for any children. Once we’re ready to leave, the safety video is played and we arm our doors.

8:25am: We’ve secured the cabin and are in our jumpseats ready for take-off. Everybody is hoping for an on-time departure as it means no cutting into our layover time in Amsterdam!
Once we’ve taken off and the seatbelt sign goes off, we change into our cabin shoes and waistcoat and start preparing for the service. Our first service is breakfast, so we prepare the carts with all the drinks and heat the croissants up in the ovens. Any special meals that have been pre-ordered are handed out first, and then we take the carts into the cabin and serve the meals and drinks. It’s a relatively quick service, especially as we’re only half full.
After the service myself and the other duty free operator go and collect our carts. They are kept upstairs so we have to go up and then send them down in the lift. We have to count each drawer to make sure the correct amount of items are there, and once we’re done we go through the cabin.

11:00am: I pop into the cockpit to say hello to the pilots and have a little break from standing! It’s always nice to go in and get a nice view out of the windows and have a chat with the pilots.

11:30am: We start setting up the bars ready for the next service, lunch. We go through offering savoury biscuits and a drink first, then come the meals with the bars again. This service takes quite a bit longer but at least it keeps us busy!

2:00pm: Once we’ve finished the service and gone through the cabin collecting any bits of rubbish, someone else wants to buy some duty free. I quickly go and do the sale, and then it’s time to close the duty free carts.
Before we know it the captain is making his PA that we are starting our descent. This means for us it’s time to change back into our jacket and high heels, and then we collect any blankets that have been used.

2:30pm: The seatbelt sign has been switched on, so we collect any used headphones and secure the cabin. We have to make sure everyone has their seatbelts fastened, seats upright, no bags or belongings in the cabin at the bulkheads or emergency exits, and make sure nobody is in the toilets.
Once we’ve made sure the cabin and galleys are fully secure, we go and sit in our jumpseats. It’s been a busy flight and my feet are aching!

3:10pm: Touchdown in Amsterdam! We are greeted with some typical European rain!
Once everybody is off the plane, we do our checks to make sure nobody has left anything behind, and collect any stray blankets and headphones. As soon as everyone is ready we go through to immigration, collect our bags and head to the hotel.

We arrange to meet at 5:30pm (actually 3:30pm, as we landed at 1:10pm Amsterdam time but everyone keeps their watches on Dubai time!) to go and explore Amsterdam!

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How flight attendants keep flying after air disasters

How flight attendants keep flying after air disasters

Written By "Dan Air,"

source: CNN

CNN Editor's note: The author is a serving flight attendant with a UK-based carrier who writes a blog, "Confessions of a Trolley Dolly," under the pseudonym Dan Air. The author wishes to remain anonymous -- all opinions expressed here are his own.

(CNN) -- Seeing the images of the mangled wreckage of an aircraft after a crash is difficult for any flight attendant.
It is hard to comprehend that this mass of charred metal, broken seats, bits of galleys and cabins, and the piles of personal belongings, was once our office in the sky.
This was our workspace -- and our home, for however many hours. It was a place where we felt safe as we served meals and drinks, carried out safety-related duties, and caught up with our colleagues and friends, laughing and joking about all the latest gossip on "Galley FM."
For an airline to suffer two unspeakable tragedies in just four months is beyond comprehension.

Twenty-one Malaysia Airlines flight attendants and six flight crew have been lost, after the still unexplained disappearance of flight MH370 and the shooting down of MH17.
It is a testament to the carrier's staff that the airline is still operating a full schedule of flights. It is difficult to imagine how the crews left behind are still managing to put on their sarong-style uniforms, paint on a smile and go about their duties as normal, after losing so many of their friends and colleagues.
To show our solidarity, one week after the loss of MH17, flight attendants everywhere are pinning a small black ribbon to their uniform; to remember our newest angels of the sky.

Can we carry on?

Recently, I have been contacted by many crew members who are unsure if they can continue their flying careers. Unfortunately, there are no words of wisdom for them, no way to take away the pain or the fear many feel over a disaster like this.

Many crew feel it is their duty to keep flying; a tribute to our fallen colleagues who never made it home; to keep doing the job they loved and doing it to the best of their ability.
I know a number of flight attendants and pilots who have been involved in accidents. Some have managed to return to the skies, others have hung up their wings for good. Some have used their experiences to improve safety in the industry, helping to ensure tragic incidents are as rare as humanly possible.
The thought crosses our mind every day when we board our aircraft: "What would we do should the worst happen?" It's part of our job to think this way.

Despite many people's belief that we are there just to serve tea and coffee, or to act as a verbal punching bag when something goes wrong, the primary reason we are on board is safety. Every take-off, every landing, every pre-flight briefing, we run through our emergency procedures in our heads. How would we deal with a decompression? An evacuation? A ditching? A medical emergency?

 Thankfully, most of us will never have to deal with these events or use the weeks, sometimes months, of training we've had to save lives. Sadly, the crew of Flight MH17 didn't even get the chance to help their passengers or colleagues. Innocent lives of innocent people wasted in the blink of an eye.

The moment MH17 hit home

Last Thursday, when news of the crash broke, I was operating a flight into Amsterdam, from where flight MH17 had left just a few hours earlier. There was an odd feel about the place and the usual buzz of an airport was gone.
As we boarded the flight, one gentleman in particular appeared very upset. When I went to see if he was OK he told me that four of his friends had been on the flight. Then he burst into tears.

I was speechless, the full impact of this tragedy hit me and all I wanted to do, like so many other flight attendants that day, was to get home and see my family and friends and tell them I loved them.
Much has been made recently of flight attendants being one big family. It has been very moving to see, via my blog and social media, the outpouring of love and support to our fallen brothers and sisters at Malaysia Airlines, and more recently TransAsia Airways after Wednesday's crash in Taiwan. And then, almost unbelievably, Thursday's crash of an Air Algerie flight in Mali.

Strong bonds in the air

It doesn't matter what uniform you wear, what aircraft you work on, whether you fly for a low-cost carrier or work in first class, we are united together and become a source of constant support in times of need.
Tight bonds form with your airline colleagues, as you are locked in a metal tube with these people for hours on end; bonds I have never known outside of the industry.
I hope to extend the black ribbon idea to one day each year, where flight attendants around the world can remember our fallen colleagues.

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Etihad @ Instagram

Thought i would share with you guys some fabulous, fun and motivational pics posted by EY Crew that i found on Instagram :-) 


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EK Crew @ The World Cup

Lucky those Emirates cabin crews that got selected to be a part of the final 
moments of the World Cup in Brazil. Must been a magical and fantastic experience they will never ever forget in their entire life.
If any of you guys wondering why they were seen at the World Cup, you can read more about this here:

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July Tarotscopes

July Tarotscopes 

by Anne Marie


Ohhhhhhh big changes are in store for you.  I can see happiness and successes, and it being important that you go with the flow of change, embrace change as it comes; it looks like it is one of those months where you have so many things that need to be done. The sun is shining on you helping you to improve all areas of your life. It is a great month for seeking jobs, going to interviews, and successful meetings. I also see papers, contracts and agreements that are significant. There is a period where you need to rest, relax, and ponder on your next stages in your life, take your time, there is no rush, bide more time if you need to think a bit more. Opportunities are bringing about a time of completion and success, you guys have the world in your hands, you can choose what you want to do and where you want to go in your life. It is a good month, and I feel you are really making progress right now, keep going you are on the right path
Positive affirmation-  I embrace new opportunities as they enter my life.
Your lucky numbers this month   17-21-28

Good news and success comes through, it is a great month for work, pay attention to detail, keep your head down and work hard, it will pay off in the end for you.  Now is the time to look at any areas of your life that your disappointed with or dissatisfied with, make change, it’s time to let go of the old and outworn way of thinking, and situations or people and bringing in the more positive aspects to your life. Someone is going to offer there help and support, and it will be with someone that you can trust and rely on. If you can get some time out then this is the month to do it, you have been working so hard, in many areas of your life, and deserve a bit of a break. I can see you want and need something more in your life, and it is coming, the most important thing right now is to talk to someone about how you feel and what you think, do it with a genuine heart and mind and they will respond in a positive way.
Positive affirmation – I am positive and prepared.
Your lucky numbers this month 7-11-32 

What a great month for you, so much is happening, and there are some big but necessary decisions to make, do not worry about making the right or wrong decisions, it is always  good to have an air of caution, but you need to go with what feels right and true for you. I also see that you need to look at putting some money by, or drawing your horns in, it is not a time to over spend. Commitment is coming through, so it is a time to commit to a person or a situation. Rejoice in the good things that are happening in your life, good news, and success, overcoming obstacles, all show as upbeat and positive experiences for you this month. For some of you it will be a time of offers, invites or proposals, linking to work, friendships or romance. Invest your time wisely into the positive aspects of your life, and abundance will be your rewards.
Positive affirmation –I trust my intuition and know I will make the right decisions
Your lucky numbers this month-31-33-42 

There are times this month when you feel a bit up and down emotionally, you may feel that you're stuck in a situation, or feel like you're stuck in the past, and doing a lot of thinking about the past. I get this sense of you healing from within, and the most important thing to do now is to focus on your hopes, dreams, and wishes, as they are there for you in the future and they will come true for you. I also see that you are under a lot of pressure this month, you have a lot on and that there is a lot to be done, do what you have to do and try not to do everything at once or you will be left feeling burnt out. I also see you are looking at your finances this month and am being shown that you need to be cautious with them; it may feel like they are coming in, in one direction and then going out in the other. I also see it being a time of you overcoming obstacles emotionally, and in the physical sense, it is really about progressing forwards, with strength determination and courage. Talking to someone that is wise and intelligent can help put things into a different perspective for you.
Positive affirmation – I am organised and will prioritise what is important in my life,
Your lucky numbers this month -21-31-41

Balance and patience is the main theme of the month. I get this sense that you are reflecting upon the past and thinking about past memories that have gone by, and you may hear or see someone that you have not heard or seen from in a while. It is important that you believe in yourself right now, to love yourself and to know that you deserve the best in life, do not be prepared to settle for anything less than the best. There is an ending that is showing, and end to a situation or problem that you have been having, as one-door closes, in your life, so a new door will open up for you, there is nothing to fear or worry about, as the changes that will come from this will bring about positivity as well as joy and happiness. Everything in life happens for a reason and right now, you need to keep life simple, and to focus on your wants and needs.
Positive affirmation – I am ready for new doors to open that will bring me joy and happiness
Your lucky numbers this month -19-58-44

The pressure is on, it looks like you have deadlines to meet or that you have someone around you that is putting pressures on you or you are putting pressures on yourself. I get this sense that it is about finances, and it is about others giving and taking. I also see that for some of you, you are seeking legal advice or speaking to a professional person this month, someone that is going to steer you in the right direction. I am also seeing good news coming in, and that you should be proud of your achievements. I also see that you have some big decisions to make this month, they are hard and necessary ones, you need to do what is right and true for you and for those around you. The number six prove significant this month, you may find that something is happening on the 6th, 16th or 26th, this could well be when you hear the good news or you have to make your decision.
Positive affirmation – I make all decisions for my highest good and trust it is all for the better.
Your lucky numbers this month 23-68-35 

There are times when you're feeling bored and fed up, you're doing a lot of thinking, reflecting and contemplating, I get this recovery period and this sense that you need to rest, relax and put your feet up. Clarity is important now so that you can work effectively to make your situation turn out positively. Stability also shows and working on that within the home, work and relationships. Right now, you need to take slow and steady steps, it is not a time to rush, but more a time to think and take your time before you jump into any situation. This is a month where agreements are being made and deals are being done, it may be that you make up with someone that you have not been getting on well with. There is the start of something new happening for you right now that is going to lead on to new opportunities, grab them when they appear. I also feel someone is going to be offering their hands of help to you, there are times when you cannot do everything by yourself, and this will be by someone that you can trust so except offers of support and help this month.
Positive affirmation – I embrace new beginnings, and welcome change.
Your  lucky numbers this month -22-28-37

You have many demands on your time this month, and there are periods where you feel up against it, and need to pace yourself more. You seem to have a lot on your mind. I think this is more about not having enough hours in the day, and that you have so many situations going on around you, that it is making your mind work overtime. You will know if this is happening to you, as you will find it hard to get to sleep or will wake up feeling just as tired as you did when you went to bed. The good news is that your fears, worries and anxieties are far worse in your mind than they are in reality. I see some light bulb moments where you will solve problems easily and new ideas will flow that will get things sorted out sooner rather than later. it's a busy month for you, and there is a lot of demands on your time, so when you do get time, rest and relax, try and do things that are going to relax you, and most importantly relax your mind
Positive affirmation – I have the strength to move forward with courage and eviction
Your lucky numbers this month 1-7-9 

This is a month of learning and growing on a personal and spiritual level, you are going to be tested regarding certain situations this month, to get to a problem sorted out. Testing times and emotional struggles are showing, and it is important to make a hard but necessary decision, it is not a time to sweep things under the carpet as how you feel now will not go away until you do sort things out once and for all. You may find that you are going down a different path to what you originally thought you would be going in. There are periods of good news and celebrations that are coming up for you, and I see a successful outcome that is coming to a problem that has been dragging on for you. Finances are looking good, and they look like they are going to be getting better in the months ahead. Once the difficult time has passed, the good times will start to come forwards into your life, you may not be able to see what is ahead of you right now, but happiness comes in the most unlikeliest of ways, and will creep up on you when you least expect it.
Positive affirmation –I am taking one-step forward at a time in a positive way.
Your lucky numbers this month 14-19-29

It looks like you are going through some big changes, I need to make you aware that you have security; it is there for you in the future, as well as materialistic security also. There is a focus on finances and of the family; home is definitely, where the heart is this month and what you need to focus your energies on. I also see that it is a time where there is a situation that you cannot see the bigger picture right now and more time is needed to allow the situations to develop. Patience is needed right now, all good things come to those that wait. Good things that are going to start to happen for you, that are going to show you just how strong you actually are. It is a time that requires you to step out of your comfort zones, and push your own personal boundaries  by doing so it will lead on to new beginnings and new chapters in your life. It is a good time, when it comes to house moves or house sales, perhaps even relocating to a new area.
Positive affirmation – I am calm in any time of waiting, and know when the time is right everything will fall into place.
Your lucky numbers this month  34-37-44

Someone is disappointing you this month, or will let you down, stay calm and do not overreact, as I feel this is more about you, rather than them, not everybody has your same expectations and standards in life as you do, help these people to understand where you're coming from and why you are feeling disappointed and let down. Be careful with your finances, and do not overspend this month, even if you feel you have enough money you may find out that actually later on in the month that you may not have as much as you first thought. You should feel proud of yourself, and what you have achieved, as you have come a long way in your life. You have some good people around you, and it is about spending time with those people that make you feel good and that are there for you as you are for them. Listen to the words of somebody that is older this month, as they will give you some good advice and words of wisdom. You are looking at paper work this month; make sure you read it thoroughly to not miss anything
Positive affirmation –  I work through my problems to make room for new people and positive situations
Your lucky numbers this month 15-9-11

Something new is happening around you this month; you may be feeling hesitant at times wondering if you are doing the right or wrong thing. I can tell you, you are on the road to success and even more opportunities will appear for you. Do not let your fears and worries get the better of you, just focus on your hopes, dreams, and wishes, new horizons for the future and believe that miracles do happen. You're being blessed this month, notice any opportunities that come your way, no matter how big or small they are, grab everything whilst you can. This is a good month for projects, new ideas and your career path, things are definitely starting to look up for you and you have many good things to look forward too. There is something to do with paper work this month and choices to be made, they are your choices and they are not forced ones, listen to what your inner self and your gut instincts are saying and go with what feels right and true for you.
Positive affirmation – I welcome choices as they are an opportunity to bring positive change in my life.
Your lucky numbers this month 7-5-3


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If you keep on believing

´´Believe in yourself, love yourself, have faith and know that the very things you want and desire can come true in life, you have to believe, have faith and work hard, and move forwards to make it happen. It may not happy today, nor tomorrow, but it will soon´´ - Anne Marie Kell

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June Tarotscopes

June Tarotscopes

By Anne Marie Kell


It’s a bit of a roller coaster for you this month, bringing you plenty of ups and downs, highs and lows. The most important thing for you right now, is to surround yourself with positive people and situations. Try and avoid anyone that is being negative they will just hold you back. There is some good news that is ahead of you, but equally you need to keep on top of things and sort problems out and hit them head-on or they will have a nasty habit of creeping up on you when you least expect it. There is eventual success to situations that have been dragging on, you need to do the right thing by yourself and other people this month and do everything in the right order. There are no skipping corners. You have been asking for help, step aside and let spirit assist you.
Positive affirmation - I embrace change as it comes and will take one step forward at a time. ...Your lucky numbers this month: 7, 11, 21


It is a time of clearance, getting everything sorted out. Anything that is not making you happy, no longer serving you a purpose or is for your highest good you will start to see leave your life. Once you have cleared things out of the way, you will make room for new and positive people and experiences in your life. It’s a time for putting some money away or being careful with finances. You have a lot of strength courage and determination, all of which you are going to need to use when it comes to making some big and important decisions. Listen to what your inner self and gut instincts are saying in order for you to make the right choices in your life. It’s a time for change and the changes you make will be for the better.Positive affirmation – I let go of all that is not needed in my life and welcome new people and situations along my personal path. Your lucky numbers this month: 14, 17, 23


Put your worries fears and anxieties aside, as there is nothing to worry or fear about. Your mind is working overtime; everything is going to work out far better than you could have hoped. It looks like you are having problems with finances, perhaps they are a bit tight or you are having to pay out for unexpected items or bills. Do not worry as it looks like the money is coming in and it looks like your hard work and effort is going to pay off for you and result in success. For those of you that are looking for a new job or role this is good month for this to happen. As one door closes so a new one will open for you. You are in a transitional stage where change is on its way and it will be for the better.
Positive affirmation – I believe in myself and my abilities and embrace change as it occurs....
Your lucky numbers this month: 11, 41, 45


You may feel like you are at a standstill, there are periods of your life where you’re doing nothing but waiting. It may feel that life is not moving forwards and it’s not moving back. Everything seems to be staying just as it has been in the recent months. Do not worry as this will change when the time is right everything will fall into place. Whilst you may not have everything in your life that you want at the moment you will have what you need. What you have not got will be replaced in the near future with something bigger and better. It’s a good time for meetings and appointments as they look to be successful. New opportunities are on their way to better your life. There is a final end to a problem that has been ongoing for you, where you can start afresh and get some other areas of your life sorted out.
Positive affirmation – I am grateful for everything that I have in my life and welcome more blessings and abundance....Your lucky numbers this month:  22, 25, 31


You’ve got so much you need to get done, that it is important to focus on your wants and needs and everything that is of priority for you right now. Learn to say no to other people that are being demanding or pressurising. Focus on one thing at a time, if you try and do too many things at once you’re going to get yourself burnt out. It’s a good time for house moves and new roles when it comes to jobs. You’re working very hard and it looks like it’s going to pay off for you. Be open and adaptable, especially when it comes to making plans as they could get changed at the last minute. The wish card has come out for you, so make a wish and make sure it is for your highest good.
Positive affirmation – I believe that dreams and wishes can come true
Your lucky numbers this month: 4, 10, 20


You are in a phase of entering a new cycle. Where life is changing for you. Some good news and new experiences leave you feeling on top of the world. This is a good time for travel; this will prove to be both successful and enjoyable. You have new people coming into your life that could potentially blossom into something bigger and better, you also have some very good people around you that are there to help and support you. Make sure you lean on them when you need to. Don’t be hesitant when it comes to committing yourself to a person or situation. Now is the time to embrace situations like that. Paper work looks relevant, something that needs signing or looking over and send it back.
Positive affirmation – I love myself and those around me
Your lucky numbers this month:  16, 23, 30


You are in a time of great change, what may have been a dark time for you is about to become a happier and brighter time. It’s time to weigh up your options carefully, there is more than one way for you to move forwards and progress along your own personal path. Think clearly and carefully about what you want to do and where you want to take your life. At times you may feel confused, but this is more about you worrying about doing the right or wrong thing. All you need to do is follow your heart, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and then make your decision. Once you’ve done it you will soon see that everything has turned out far better than you could have hoped for
Positive affirmation – I welcome positive change into my life.
Your lucky numbers this month: 14. 11 19


Trust your gut instincts in June, especially if you feel someone is not giving you the full facts of a situation. If this is the case then it’s important that you trust your intuition and that you do a bit more research to find out all the facts. Life is about give-and-take; make sure that this is happening in your life and that everything is balanced especially when it comes to finances, work and relationships. You have some big decisions to make, and it’s important that you do what is right in your heart. Good news and success comes from your work situations, you’re on the right path and you are heading towards more blessings and abundance. It’s a good time to see more work coming in if you have a business or for you to get a new role such as a promotional role. You have some good people around you that you can lean on and trust, in any time of need, make sure you do not suffer in silence and bottle things up or you will get yourself feeling low. A problem shared is a problem halved. Positive affirmation – I trust my intuition and will act on them in a positive manner. Your lucky numbers this month: 24, 36, 42


There is so much to do and at times you may feel there are not enough hours in the day. This is due to pressures and deadlines that you are either putting upon yourself or that are being put upon you. Now is not the time to give up though, you need to stay focused and you need to concentrate. Have an action plan so that you can hit all your deadlines. The home and the family are important; surrounding yourself with those you love and care about will lift your energies and make you feel safe and secure. Finances look like they are going to improve, as is areas of your life that have been hard going. It’s time to see a cycle in your life come to a close, this is where you been having lots of problems and issues in the recent months, and now you should start to see a new positive cycle starts to happen for you. You need to put your pennies away as there is something you need to save up for or be prepared for in the months ahead.
Positive affirmation – I surround myself with positive people and situations
Your lucky numbers this month:  13, 17, 33


There are a lot of things that are causing you frustration at the moment, and it may feel like it’s one thing after another. The message to you is to persevere and keep going. You need to stay focused and organised and prioritise everything that is going on in your life. Only focus on what is important and leave anything unimportant to another time. Remember your one person and there is only so much you can do. It looks like you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to hold onto your money, I can see that you need to pull your purse strings in, this is only a temporary measure, as they are going to get a lot better. Any problems or issues will be sorted out towards the end of the month and I can see that you’re a lot happier and more content with what is happening around you. This is because slowly and surely you’re getting things sorted out once and for all, you are also starting to think and see things in a much clearer and positive light.
Positive affirmation – I am aware of all that needs to be done, and move forwards in a positive way. Your lucky numbers this month:  1, 9, 10


Your head is down and you are focused. It looks like you’re focusing on areas such as work and finances, and it is going to pay off for you. For those of you that are looking to better your life and bring more security into it, whether it is a house move to a more secure and better area, whether it is a new job, or a change, it will prove to be successful in the long term future. Keep going and keep working hard. There is a celebration coming up that links to yourself  or to a close family member or friend. It’s a good time for fresh starts and new beginnings, a rainbow is appearing above you, which tells me that hard and tough times are over and that the Sun is about to shine in your life, leaving you feeling a lot happier and more at peace with yourself and the world around you. You are about to embark on a new path that is going to take you towards your dreams and goals.
Positive affirmation – I am ready for my new path, where I will reach my dreams and goals.
Your lucky numbers this month:  21, 19, 36


It is important to remember that you are as lucky as anyone else, it may be that there is an area of your life you have been feeling unlucky in, and perhaps you have been through a hard time of late and feel like you’re getting nowhere fast. The message for you is to keep going and persevere, work through problems and issues and get them cleared out of the way, so you may room and space for better people and situations. Legal matters such as contracts, documents or agreements need looking at or signing. Whilst you have a lot on your plate it’s important that you do not sweep problems under the carpet, but rather to hit them head on and get them sorted out once and for all. Keep your head down and stay focused on putting the pieces of your life together slowly but surely piece by piece everything will fall into place for you
Positive affirmation – I welcome into my life all that will help me to progress and succeed.
Your lucky numbers this month:  27, 29, 31