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Etihad Cabin Crew AD/Interview

A Etihad Cabin Crew sharing her journey from her assessment, to interview, joining, training, life in Abu Dhabi & flying. Very useful reading 😊

Check out her blog:

Her application timeline::::::::::

March 3th 2016: Application sent
March 7th 2016: Invitation to the assessment day
March 15th 2016: Assessment day
March 16th 2016: Final Interview
March 17th 2016: Successful e-mail
March 31st 2016: First date of joining offer (3rd of july)
April 3rd 2016: Second date of joining offer (24th of july)
April 4th 2016: Received the contract
June 6th 2016: All required approvals completed e-mail
July 10th 2016: Ticket receipt
July 14th 2016: Visa receipt
July 21st 2016: Flight to Abu Dhabi
July 24th 2016: Date of joining!

Her Assessment & Interview::::::

'''''My AD was in Amsterdam on the 15th of March and there were about 90 people. We had three recruiters: 2 females and 1 male. The recruitment day started at 8:00 sharp and if you want any chance to get the job, you are required to be there at least 15 minutes early. During the assessment day and the training they have stressed a lot how important on time performance (OTP) is for cabin crew, so if you are late at the AD this is a very bad first impression. The AD took place in the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam and we were all guided to a big meeting room for our CV drop off and height measure. To work for Etihad you must reach 210 cm without your shoes on, however you are aloud to stretch as far as you can. During the CV drop off two of the recruiters took their time with their applicants, while one of the recruiters kept it very brief. I went to the woman that kept it very brief and she asked me one question about my recent experience and its fit with being cabin crew. After the CV drop off there was no cut, so I did not worry about my short chat too much.

After the CV drop off all applicants were sent to the hall and we were all called back in one by one to ask us a random question. E.g. If you could change anything to better the world what would it be? What would you do if you were invisible? If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? If you could choose one woman in history to have dinner with, who would it be? The questions are very random and impossible to prepare. My question was: Do you think lying is OK? I was kind of relieved because it was such a straightforward question. I guess they just want to see your confidence in handling an unexpected situation and your posture.

Then there was the first cut. We were with about 90 and about 30 of us were sent home. 

After the cut, there was the group assignment. These were also very different. We were in a group of 5 and they asked us what 5 items we would bring to a deserted island. Within a few minutes we agreed and went back to the hall. We were kind of worried about finishing so quickly, but only one of us did not make it to the final interviews. Other questions are hard for me to remember, but this assignment is all about how you cooperate with your group members.

Then there was another cut and again about 30 of us were sent home. 

Approximately 30 of us made it to the final interview, which is quite a lot. People that came from far had the final interview the same day and others had their final interview the day after. The questions I got at the final interview were very standard but I did not get a lot of them. I had the final interview with a really nice recruiter and she asked me how I would think living in a country like Abu Dhabi would be like. Then she asked me a lot about my internship in Mexico, because she would love to visit the country and we talked about this for 10 minutes. Furthermore, she asked me questions about a challenging situation in my job and how I handled it. Also, she asked me a time where I went above and beyond to meet customer demands. The questions for the final interview can be easily found in google, but maybe it is better not to prepare too much and just make it a nice conversation.'''''

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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

A candidate who attended a Qatar Airways Cabin Crew OD/AD/FI in November 2016 shares her experience::::::::::::::

Nov 2016

I attended an OD last November 2016. There were about 150 people there before 9am. 50 were invited for the Assessment the next day, myself included. 

((When submitting CV- these questions were asked:: "What are you doing?", "Why do you want to be a cabin crew?" ))) 

First step was the english test: multiple choice questions, a small essay (mine was about decision making), two math problems. Really easy. 
Next step was a quick "face to face" alone with the recruiters. I had to take a paper with a word (mine was Pets) and talk about it and then after that they measured my height. 
Next was the group assessment, we were only two groups of 6 each and we had to choose six items to take with us during a shipwreck. Everything went well and all of us 12 were invited for the final interview.
My final interview lasted less than 10 minutes. We only talked about my CV, my languages, my scars. The interview went really really quick.

Some of the questions that may be asked during the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Interview ::::::::::

Tell us about yourself?
What is Customer Service to you ?
Why do you want to work as a cabin crew ? 
What are you doing currently ?
Tell me about your educational qualifications? 
Why do you want to work for an international airline?
Why do you want to work for Qatar Airways?
Tell me about your working experience?

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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew FB Page

Once in a while i come across various informative and cool cabin crew blogs/sites that gives us a very useful insight into their world. 😊
I came across this FB page:

She write about her journey of being a Qatar Airways cabin crew, all the way from the start when she applied. Although i dont understand the language she write in, but the pictures she post are worth 1000 words. Specially for those who wish to become a QR cabin crew, the pics she post are informative, give us a view of how ex how her photo looked like when she applied, during her training her roster, her accommodation ect..
I thought i would share some of the informative posts/pics she has been posting, but i advice you guys to check out her page. Specially if you know the language she is writing in, than it would be awesome for those of you guys who understand that language, to read her posts.😊


Below is a sample of a QR roster, i thought i would share this so you guys would see how a QR roster would look like::::

Also this is Qatar Airways full length photo specification

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Qatar Airways + Emirates OD/AD/FI CC Blog

I recently came across an excellent blog where a lovely girl explains in detail her experience going through both Qatar and Emirates Cabin Crew open day/assessment/final interview. I find her blog very informative and filled with details. She also write about her Singapore recruitment experience as well, but i will only share her QR/EK experience here.

Her blog is:

I totally advice you to check out her awesome blog

Lets start with her Qatar Cabin Crew OD/AD/FI

QR Open Day

As you can see, according to the letter that ive received it states that the open day is anytime between 9am till 5pm. But its advisable to be there before 9am because the later you go the longer you’ll have to wait. I was there around 8:30am but when i was through with the process it was already 12:45pm. There were around 600 people in total during the open day. The recruiters arrived at 9am and we were all seated down and briefed what to do next. They only require 3 documents from us which are passport copy, passport size picture and CV. we were asked to proceed to the conference room one by one. In there, you’ll be asked a few questions and a reach test. There will be a masking tape labeled 212cm on the wall, as long as u reach any part of the tape, its considered as a pass. I will include an illustration  in the next post. *** If you pass the open day, you will be given a invitation letter to come for the assessment day. The interviewer gave me a letter with a number on it and asked me to keep it in the pocket where the other candidates would not see it. This is a golden ticket, an express pass to the assessment day. Those who did not receive this letter will have to wait for an email. Frankly speaking if you did not get this letter on the spot 98% it means you failed. But i’ve also seen a few candidates that were informed through email later in that day around 6pm so dont be sad or dishearten if you didnt get the invite on the spot!!!! Please refer to my next post for more info about the assessment day. I hope it will be of help.

QR Assessment/Final Interview

During my open day i was the few candidates that received a direct invitation to the assessment day, there are those that received it through an email. The assessment day starts at 9am sharp. Each of us were required to line up according to our numbers. Those that received an invitation has to show it to them and wheares those that got it through email would be registered on the spot and will be given a number plus your name tag.
Assessment day starts off with a presentation about the company. After that was a english and mathematics test. Candidates were given 40minutes to complete it, its more than enough in my opinion. After that the 1st elimination takes place. Those that made it through will be going to the 1 to 1 interview round.
2 TO 1 INTERVIEW : each candidates proceed to a room  with 2 interviewers inside. 1st assessment would be the reach test again. There is a tape labeled 212cm on the wall. You will be required to start off with 1 arm, after that with both or the opposite arm. But as long as you can touch any point of the tape, it will be considered a pass. But if you fail to touch it with 1 arm, you will be asked to leave immediately. After you have completed the reach test, you’ll be asked to sit down and have a short chat with the recruiters. There’s also a bowl and you have to pick out 1 and talk on the topic for 1 minute. They will also ask about any tattoos and scars on your body. During the interview there are 2 huge spotlights shinning on you. This is to check your skin to see if there’s any major flaws. They will asked if you are wearing colored contacts and its not permitted in the airline. So do not wear it. They will also ask if your eyebrows are tattooed. So if its embroidered please explain it to them as they are not accustomed to that. Only asians usually do embroidery. After all the candidates are done, they will decide who to keep. That is the 2nd cut.
Those that made it through will proceed to the 3rd round which is the GROUP ACTIVITY. We were divided into 3 groups and given a topic to discuss on. You’ll be seated in a circle and the recruiters will walk around the circle and evaluate you. After that, they’ll make the 4th cut.
Those that made it through will be given forms to fill in and videos will be shown. After the forms are filled, we were directed to the same room for the final interview. And a reminder, do not edit your pictures. They are very much against it. So please follow the rules. The recruiters were mad when they saw a few of the candidates that looked absolutely different in person than their photos. We were told to wait around 4weeks for the golden call.
Goodluck to those that are going for their assessment days or open days. Remember, GOOD THINGS ONLY COME TO THOSE THAT DOES NOT GIVE UP EASILY. If its your dream, then do not give up if you fail the 1st time, keep on trying. I’ve met people that went for an assessment day 7 times and eventually made it through.
ATTENTION: Those that failed at any stages, you can reapply any time. The recruiter did not say a 6 months waiting period is required. So go for it!!!! Absolutely no harm trying!!!! Do pm me if you have any enquires, i will do my best to answer your questions.

And her EMIRATES Cabin Crew recruitment process

An open day usually begins from 9am. In some cases its written in the invite that it begins from 9am onwards till 5pm. But honestly, its better to be there by 9am because the recruiters came around 9:15am and there were alot of people waiting in and outside the hall. The turn outs for that open day was more than 700 people. There were people standing all the way to the hotel lobby.
During the open day there werent any presentations. The process was very fast. Most importantly remember to bring 2 main documents : CV and passport size picture. They did not request any full length pictures. Before they begin collecting the docs, you will be given a form to fill in. Name, age, application number if you have registered online( if not just leave it blank), languages that you are able to speak read and write fluently( if you only can speak but cant read and write it doesnt count), highest education certificate, email add and After that you are required to staple those 3 docs together and one by one you’ll approach the recruiter to submit it to her. Now, please NOTE that they will only take a few secs to look and talk to you. So make sure you impress her. She will ask you to write down your name and beside your name there is a number. They will ask you to come collect the result at a later time and if you are selected, your name will be highlighted and qualified to proceed to the next round which is the assessment day.

starts at 9am sharp so make sure you are there before that time. We are then asked to line up according to our number and take our name tag. After that we were grouped according to our numbers into group A,B,C. each group consisted around 15 people. We were sitted into a circle and then sub divided into a group of 3. We were then given a card with a word on it and we have to discuss among ourselves for 5minutes and then present it to everyone else. After that we were given a picture of an object and we have to link that with the previous one. After that, the recruiter asked us to step outside and wait around an hour while she deduce the result. I was the final 20 that made it through. The rest were sent home.
Next assessment was the reach test and english test. Please NOTE that those of you that are on the short side like me, Im only 161cm and i only managed to touch the 212cm line with 2 fingers. The recruiter was very strict, she asked for at least 3 fingers to pass the line. Its doable actually, i just had to remove my jacket cause it was very tight, but i was very nervous so i totally forgotten about my jacket. So i was eliminated. 3 of us were eliminated at the reach test so the final 17 advanced to the english test and after that around 11 of them made it to the final interview.

The reach test is actually a poster pasted on the wall. So as long as you are able to reach pass that line with 3 fingers ( some only require you to reach it with 1 or 2 fingers). You are asked to remove your shoes and tip toe is allowed. But only with the ball of your feet, ballerina tip toeing arent allowed. Those who are shorter, remove your jacket so that you’ll have more space to stretch. When you reached the mark, you’ll have to remain there for a few seconds so even if you feel like your arm is about to fall out just bare with it!!!!!


Emirates have changed their requirement in regards to their reach test:::

'''Minimum arm reach of 212cms (on tip toes) and minimum height of 160cms, which will enable you to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types'''

Emirates Final Interview

On the 6th of October 2015, emirates came to Penang. So i decided to give it another try since i failed the height test previously in August. I’ve been marking a line on my wall and practicing daily. Those that failed the height test, do not be discouraged because practice definitely helps a lot. Refer back to my previous post, i’ve included an illustration of how the height test looks like.
So, i am just gonna skip through the open day process and proceed to the stage after the height test. It was the english test, you will be given an hour to complete it. Truthfully it was very easy, as i am malaysian so english isnt a big hindrance to us. It was just some basic comprehension and grammar tests. Overall everyone passed except 3 people. I was the 1st to finish the test, i completed it in under 20minutes . So dont sweat it, relax and proceed caustiously. Haha. You’ll be fine.
Next would be the group activity. We were distributed into 4 groups. Each group had 10 members. We were given a card with a problem  that we had to solve as a team. Question was : our company is the last ship to set sail for the summer and due to an error in the system, we were overbooked. Out of all the passengers, we were required to choose 5. So we have to explain to the recruiters why we came to that conclusion. Please take note that this round is crucial, many were eliminated here. Out of 10 in my group, only me and another 2 made it through. But on the bright side, this was the last test so to those who made it through here, just won a golden ticket to the final interview.

Final interview: my interview i chose to do it on the last day because i live in Penang so it would only be fair to let the others that live overseas to proceed with their interviews 1st as they have flights to catch.
During my final interview, honestly speaking it was nerve racking….. I was so nervous. The recruiter was very gracious and friendly so i felt at ease talking to her. She asked me a few questions, all regarding work. For example: tell me a time where your co-worker wasnt doing her job. So you had to think of an example and explain it to her. If anyone is interested, by all means leave me a message and i will upload a series of questions and answers that i personally prepared prior to the interview.
After the final interview, i waited less than 4 weeks for my golden call. HR will asked you when you would like to join them in Dubai. And she sent a series of documents online for you to fill in. But, i did not sign the contract with emirates. It was because my grandmother was gravely ill and she was the one who raised me so during her time of need i cant leave her. I hope to try again later on and hopefully i wasnt blacklisted in their list. Those of you whose dream has always to become a cabin crew, i wish you all the best, fly high and never ever give up!!!!! I’ve met so many amazing people during my interview, some of them tried 10 times!!!!! And they still didnt give up!!!!!!!!  Cheers.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

May she succeed and fulfill her dreams :-) 

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More informative info related to cabin crew here:::

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When Your Hometown No Longer Feels Like It’s Your Home

What It’s Like When Your Hometown No Longer Feels Like It’s Your Home

By: Gigi Engle


It’s like you feel homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist. Maybe it’s like this rite of passage, you know?

I don’t know, but I miss the idea of it, you know. Maybe that’s all family really is. A group of people that miss the same imaginary place. – “Garden State”

There will come a time in adulthood when you make that cherished journey back to the place where you grew up.

A time when you book a plane ticket and embark on that familiar voyage back to the place where you lost your first tooth, where you had your first kiss and where you learned your first lessons about life.

You leave the life you’ve been creating for yourself, the life that seems so small compared to the one your parents made for you.

You take a deep breath and make that trip home.

You get to your hometown and drive down the same streets you still know like the back of your hand.

You see your family, you reminiscence and you go to sleep in your old bed. Somewhere along the way, it will hit you.

As you lie bathed in the echoing memories of what feels like a hundred lifetimes ago, it slithers in.

The thought will creep up on you, as you lie awake, listening to the sounds of the house that sheltered you long before you were exposed to the harsh realities of the world, back when this was the only life you really knew.

It’s a sad feeling, really. One that is ripe with loss. As you stare at the cracks in your ceiling, as you trace your fingers over the initials you carved into your bed frame at the age of eight, suddenly, you realize you don’t feel comfortable like you once did.

You feel like a stranger inside of a place you used to know so well. It feels like you’ve stepped inside the memories of another life.

It suddenly becomes very apparent your old house, in your old town, is no longer home.

Where you imagined you would feel so safe and at peace, you instead feel lost.

It’s overwhelming, and it’s strange. It hurts to feel this way, to find yourself feeling so disconnected in a place that is supposed to be the epitome of your comfort zone.

It’s daunting to have to face the harsh reality that this place you used to call home is no longer that place for you. Your heart is no longer there. You no longer belong.

Everything has a past, but you don’t see a future.

You drive past your old high school, your favorite sandwich shop and that worn-down playground.

Everything is dripping with nostalgia. Everything here has a story. Yet, you don’t see a future.

You don’t see yourself ever wanting to come to these places again.

You don’t see yourself raising a family here, putting down roots. It feels like a closed chapter book, and there are no new memories to be made.

It feels more like a vacation spot than it does home.

You used to feel so content here. Everything suddenly feels like a novelty.

You don’t come here after being away from home; you plan to come here after being at your home.

Home stops feeling like a place of rest when you have to use a few of your allotted 14 vacation days in order to go there.

You realize the only thing you had in common with your old friends is you grew up here.

Once you left high school, you suddenly realized the only thing you had in common with your “high school friends” was the fact that you went to the same school.

Where you used to miss your friends so much, you now don’t want to see anyone who grew up with you when you need to leave the house.

Once you get out into the real world, you find people who have similar dreams and aspirations. They left their hometowns for the bigger picture, just like you.

You see how far you’ve come.

You realize you’ve evolved, but your hometown hasn’t. You see people doing the same things they’ve always done, and you don’t want to do those things. You see how much you’ve grown.

Sometimes it takes going back to your old hood to see just the true trajectory of your progress in life.

You see the girls from high school who are married with kids, still living on the same street; you see the dads playing golf and pumping their gas in middle-class suburbia, and you realize this may have been the life you grew up with, but it isn’t the life you want for yourself.

It may make them happy, but it could never be enough for you.

Activities you used to love have now lost their luster.

You used to love going to the mall and going swimming in the lake. You adored mini golf and running around in the local woods, drinking 40s.

All of those activities and places you used to put so much importance and significance on now seem shallow and pointless.

A trip to the movies used to feel like the most incredible thing in the world.

When you’re home, you become strangely aware of how much of an adult you have become.

You feel like an outsider because you are an outsider.

You feel like a stranger in a strange land in a place you used to call “home.”

You realize the idea of “home” is very subjective. Just because you grew up somewhere doesn’t mean you’ll always belong there.

You know this place will always hold a small piece of your heart and will forever contain some of your fondest memories — and yet, this place is no longer home.

It’s a curious thing that happens when you’ve grown up. It comes on unexpectedly, but it always comes.

The place you’re meant to call home is out there, waiting for you to find it.

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